Business Kick Start Funding Staffing Scheme

Golden Egg understands first-hand what these past few months have been like for all UK Businesses; we all have faced challenges, especially when it comes to staffing and cash flow.

We created the solution yesterday, ready for tomorrow's challenges through the GE Funded Staffing Solutions Scheme.

Golden Egg's funded staffing scheme is on hand to support the most affected companies and individuals through these changing times.

We have created several financial support options for UK businesses through payroll funding and temporary staffing solutions, bridging the finance gap, reducing administrative burden, and reducing the time it takes to scale your business back up.

No jargon, no lengthy application process, Golden Egg's Funded Staffing Scheme is available to businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.

The scheme

Gives up to 60-day flexibility on invoice payments to Golden Egg Supports businesses to make payroll on time while waiting for invoices to clear from clients Payroll facility is handled by us on your behalf, giving employee's a weekly wage payment option. All temporary staff supplied by Golden Egg are pre-screened, fully vetted and skilled appropriately for any potential temporary positions.